Afri Naptural Mane Concept Caribbean Bundle Crochet Braid 2x Rod Curl 14″ CBE1401

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1. STYLE: MEDIUM ROD CURL W/ WATER WAVE ENDS2. WHAT’S IN DETAIL?• Pre-Styled, Pre-Stretched Pre-Layered• Crochet-looped for easy installation• Quick and Easy Interlocking• Natural Volume and Texture• Folded• STRANDS: 16ST3. AVAILABLE COLORS:1,1B,2,4,T1B/27,T1B/30,T1B/BUG4. FINISH LENGTH: 14”5. BENEFITS:• Lightweight• Easy Combing and Styling• Hot Water Possibilities


1 Black, 1B Off Black, 2 Dark Brown, 4 Medium Brown, T1B/27, T1B/30, T1B/BUG

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