Afri Naptural Mane Concept2X FINGER WAVE 10″ CB2X21

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Kanekalon®/Toyokalon®Available Colors:1 1B 2 4 T1B/27 T1B/30 T1B/BUG*Color Shown :• Front : T1B/BUG• Three quarter : T1B/27• Side : T1B/BUG• Back : T1B/27“Get 2 Bundles in 1 with 2X Caribbean Bundle”Escape into the tropics with Faux Remi 2x Caribbean Bundle, 2 in 1 Bonus Pack. Embrace natural island hair textures that feel like your own! 2X Caribbean Bundle delivers lightweight and finger friendly natural textures with a Crochet Loop for quicker and easier hair installations!BENEFITS:• 2 in 1 Bonus Pack• Flame Retardant• Soft Human-Like Texture• Finger-Friendly• Fuller & Natural• Lightweight• Easy Combing & Styling• Crochet Loop


1 Black, 1B Off Black, 2 Dark Brown, 4 Medium Brown, T1B/27, T1B/30, T1B/BUG

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