Mane Concept Red Carpet Wig RCP1021 Elsie

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1. STYLE: SHORT FULL WIG WITH BANGS2. WHAT’S IN DETAIL?• Short bob style with bangs• Manageable• Breathable Cap• Adjustable Straps• Special colors:SR1B/WARMBROWN,SR4/BUTTERNUT, F4/30/273. AVAILABLE COLORS:1, 1B, F4/30/27, SR1B/30, SR1B/BUG,SR1B/WARMBROWN, SR4/BUTTERNUT4. FINISH LENGTH: 10”5. FIBER: FUTURA®6. Benefits:• Comfortable Fit


1 Black, 1B Off Black, F4/30/27, SR1B/30, SR1B/BUG, SR1B/WARMBROWN, SR4/BUTTERNUT

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