Wonder Lace Bond Collection: Your Confidence-Boosting Wig Security Kit

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Introducing our complete solution for securing your wig with confidence – the Wonder Lace Bond Collection. This essential kit includes four key products designed to elevate your wig experience: Wonder Lace Bond Waterproof Adhesive Glue – Supreme (1.15oz/34ml): Our lace wig adhesive ensures worry-free comfort for weeks, seamlessly blending your lace frontal for a natural look. Extreme firm hold that lasts all day and all week, combining mega strength with affordability. Quick-drying, transparent formula for seamless application. Waterproof, oil-resistant, and perspiration-resistant for a secure hold in any situation. Cruelty-free and vegan, allowing you to slay your wig while being conscious. Wonder Lace Bond Holding Gel – Supreme Hold (4oz/120ml): A gel-type holding glue that securely lays and slays wigs without flaking. Strong hold that s easily removable with our adhesive remover or water. Waterproof and perspiration-resistant for worry-free wear day and night. Wonder Lace Bond Wig Adhesive Spray – Supreme (14.2oz/400ml): Ultimate lace wig glue for worry-free comfort and a natural look. Extreme firm hold that lasts all week, offering mega strength and affordability. Quick-drying, clear application for a seamless finish. Waterproof, oil-resistant, and perspiration-resistant for a secure wig hold. Cruelty-free and vegan, aligning with your values. Wonder Lace Bond Lace Melt Spray – Supreme Hold 8oz: A revolutionary spray for a natural and seamless wig look. Melts your lace down while styling your edges. Provides an extra mega holding finish, ensuring your wig stays in place all day. Features a delightful acai berry scent for a refreshing experience. With the Wonder Lace Bond Collection, you can confidently secure your wig, enjoy long-lasting hold, and embrace a natural, seamless look, all while supporting cruelty-free and vegan products. Elevate your wig game with our comprehensive solution today!


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